Welcome to a touching experience of vacationing in Bangladesh, the cradle of historic and cultural heritage with ancient civilization. Experience the sights and sounds of its wonderful diversity that is entrenched in its geography, people and obviously their cultures.

Discover the gifts of nature that dot the landscape of this beautiful country. Longest sea beach, largest mangrove forest, wildlife, and adventure spots provide one of the memorable vacations that you would have anywhere in the world.

Priceless treasures of historic and cultural heritage with an ancient civilization in the form of ruins and excavations, the historical standing structures of the medieval times shimmering the splendor, art and architecture of times gone by and the achievements of Bangladesh, all beckon you to explore them further and satisfy your curiosity. Notice the changes in the elements of the tradition of its regions such as the languages, dialects, music, folklore, dance forms, dress and decoration forms, as well as foods and drinks as you crisscross the length and wideness of the country. Egtriv.com takes you to this amazing learning, revitalizing and joyous journey through its varied holiday tour packages.

Sajek Valley 3D/2N Tour Package

Sajek Valley 2N/3D Tour Package

Bandarban Tour Package 2019

Bandarban 2N/3D Tour Package

Tanguar Haor 3D / 2N Tour Package 2019

Tanguar Haor 2N/3D Tour Package

Nafakhum 3D / 2N Tour Package 2019

Nafakhum 2N/3D Tour Package

Why Book Holiday Tour Package with Egtriv.com?

Egtriv.com, the leading online travel company in Bangladesh, has a profound understanding of national and international consumers travel needs and preferences. We offer a wide range of holiday tour packages in Bangladesh, catering a variety of segments of travelers.

While the customized or dynamic tour and travel packages give consumers several options to design and create their own holiday, Egtriv.com’s fixed departure holiday packages have a pre-designed schedule; thus confirming there is something to meet on the holiday needs of every type of traveler.

The leading online travel agency and tour packages operator in Dhaka Bangladesh, Egtriv.com offer the best-budgeted tour packages. As we are the fastest growing tour operator and the best travel agency in Dhaka Bangladesh, many national and international tourist and visitors are regularly using egtriv.com’s following holiday tour packages:

  • Sajek Valley & Khagrachori Family/Corporate/Official Tour Package 2019
  • Tanguar Haor Family/Corporate/Official Tour Package 2019
  • Saint Martin Family/Corporate/Official Tour Package 2019
  • Bandarban Family/Corporate/Official Tour Package 2019
  • Sundarban Family/Corporate/Official Tour Package 2019
  • Nafakhum Family/Corporate/Official Tour Package 2019

We always keep values of customer satisfaction, reliability, and trustworthiness. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals are managing following types of regular tour packages to make special of your tour:

  • Dayout Tour Planner at Gazipur Narshindi Resort
  • Group Tour Planner Dhaka Bangladesh
  • Corporate/Official Tour Planner Dhaka Bangladesh
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  • Honeymoon tour packages
  • Family/Corporate Dayout Tour Planner Dhaka Bangladesh
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  • Yearly Official Vacation Tour Planner Dhaka Bangladesh
  • Medical College Tour Planner Dhaka Bangladesh

We also offer:

  • Hotel & Cottage Booking in Sajek Valley
  • Boat Booking/Rent at Tanguar Haor
  • Chander Gari Rent at Khagrachori & Bandarban

Discounted tour packages for 2019:

  • Dhaka to Sajek Valley & Khagrachori Tour Package 2019
  • Dhaka to Saint Martin Tour Package 2019
  • Dhaka to Bandarban Tour Package 2019
  • Dhaka to Sundarban Tour Package 2019
  • Dhaka to Nafakhum Tour Package 2019
  • Dhaka to Tanguar Haor Tour Package 2019

We are offering the best tour packages at the best prices. If you find the same tour packages at the cheaper elsewhere, we will refund the difference. Guaranteed, and quickly.

What does Egtriv.com Holiday Tour Package offer?

Egtriv.com offers a stress-free holiday wherein all your tour and travel needs are taken care of. Be it most popular destinations such as Cox’s Bazar, Sundarban, Sajek Valley, Bandarban, Tanguar Haor, Nafakhum, or more offbeat ones like Saint Martin, Kaptai Lake, Sonargaon, Lalbagh Fort, Sixty Dome Mosque, Dhakeshwari National Temple, there are tailor-made packages for destinations from all over Bangladesh.

Be it your accommodation in comfortable hotels, varied sightseeing options, convenient transfers, delectable meals, niche experiences and an array of activities to choose from, - Egtriv.com’s holiday tour packages are designed such to offer you an unparalleled experience. From unique honeymoon packages to special tour packages for women, from itineraries designed for solo travelers, families with kids and for those who are young at heart - Egtriv.com has an answer to all our holiday needs.

Bangladesh is a land of captivating culture and diverse landscapes, and group of Globetrotters comes to immerse in its majestic charm. Tourists looking to explore Bangladesh have various options, as there are a large number of tourist attractions places in Bangladesh that they can visit. While you are an adventure lover, you can visit Sundarban, Sajek Valley, Bandarban, and if you fancy beaches, then the longest sea beach in the world- Cox’s Bazar sea beach of this country awaits you. Furthermore, you can find fabulous options to spend your honeymoon packages in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is also praised for its religious background, an aspect that people love to explore. To cater to them, Egtriv.com also offers several pilgrimage tour packages that take travelers to spiritual places like Sixty Dome Mosque, Dhakeshwari National Temple and many more. If you are a wildlife or nature enthusiast, you can go for tour packages that are centered on dense national parks and sanctuaries. Make a tour with Egtriv.com and enjoy an enthralling and exciting journey that will stay in your memory for forever.

How to book Holidays with Egtriv.com?

The user-friendly Egtriv.com’s App and website make it easy for passionate travelers to plan and book a holiday tour package simply at the click of a button. Just use the filters and select the tour package you want to visit along with your expected travel dates, travel duration, and specific preferences, if any, on hotels, kind of holiday, etc. and Egtriv.com offers you a wide list of holiday tour packages to choose from. Pick any tour package that meets your needs.
Also, you could choose hotels of your choice, activities to your list and have a package ready that best suits on your requirement. Besides, you can also choose to book your tour packages offline by sending a query or chatting with our travel experts to get immediate support.


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